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6. Can you make Australia Post compensation requests on my behalf?

We had tried but Australia Post demand all compensation requests to be made directly from the receiver. From what we understand they want direct proofs from the receiver.

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5. What happen if I do not receive my order?

In the rare circumstance where your parcel goes missing with Australia Post, please make a report with them at https://auspost.com.au/receiving/delayed-lost-or-damaged-items.

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4. What if I have an issue with my plants upon receiving them?

If you think you have received the wrong plants, in wrong quantity or any other issues please contact us ASAP. We will be asking for photos (plants and packaging). We strive to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. In the rare circumstance where the parcel is damaged during transit resulting in damaged plants, compensation may […]

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3. How sure are you with the plants’ ID?

We are confident. We consult growers and cross check with reputable references. However even the experts slips at times, some plant can appear identical to another at certain stages of their life. If you believe there’s an issue please speak with us ASAP we will be happy to assist.

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1. How soon will I hear from you after ordering?

We are very responsive. If you message us within business hours we aim to respond within the same day. If it is outside business hours we will respond the next business day.

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2. What’s the best way to contact you?

Call or message us. Our contact details are here. You can also look us up on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

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