Agave Mangave

Agave is a type of succulent that usually have large foliage and sharp spiny leaves. You may have seen quite a few of Agave attenuata (century plant) on commercial properties or at residential front yards as they are tough and function as trespass defense. The collector’s Agave however are a lot more “aesthetic’, growers cultivate them for patterns of their leaves or “teeth”, and for shapes and colours. There are also dwarf varieties which are beautifully showcased in pots. Although sharp as f**k, Agave is not a cactus.

Mangave is relatively new, the group is created by crossing Manfreda with Agave. The plants look like a “prettier” Agave with enhanced red or purple spots, and grow twice as fast, and are adored by landscape gardeners.

Agave and Mangave are monocarpic; the mother plant will make lots of pups and then die after flowering.  Care tips for Mangave are similar to Agave.